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Accommodating Your Recruits

Recruitment Agency Solutions

Join our recruitment agency services and offer your recruits accommodation at a reduced rate

Partner with us

Why Partner with Kunda House for your new recruits?

Offer your new or existing recruits up to 10% off their rent for the first 2 months.

By working with you can offer your clients a benefit they can only receive through your agency.

Read the Terms & Conditions 

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Past & Present Tenants

Things to Consider

Terms & Conditions

To guarantee that our scheme is not misused, we have some very basic terms and conditions.

  1. Create an account an account 
  2. Request to join our agency list
  3. Once approved your will receive your unique referral code 
  4. Recommending a resident to us means the individual is a permanent tenant with Kunda House for at least 6 months.
  5. To be eligible, you must fill out the reference form with your recommendation and contact information. After that, we’ll send you a unique identifier to confirm that you made the referral.
  6. Without documentary evidence of the referral, no claim will be considered. Kunda House reserves the right to change the referral scheme and the pictures on this page at any moment.

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