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Get a free instant valuation by using our rental income calculator to determine the rental potential of your home. 

You can then book a video call with our lettings specialists who are passionate about what they do, and during your free rental property appraisal, we will walk you through the expenses of letting your home, as well as the local current economic conditions and potential rents.

When letting your home through Kunda House, we’ll also inform you of your alternatives. 

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Private rental prices increased with property size

According to a recent (2021) ONS report, the median monthly rent in England was £730.

The property size with the highest monthly rent was properties with four or more bedrooms (£1,350). Single rooms had the lowest monthly rent of all property sizes, at £412.

Ensure that your rental property has the highest chance of being seen by potential renters.

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The rent valuation tool

Calculate Your New Rental Income Instantly

Landlords may use our services to discover the proper renters, manage their rent, and more.

With our completely independent Rent Calculator tool, landlords can set the appropriate rental price the first time, and tenants can see how much they’ll have to pay for a certain home.

Our Rent Calculator is the most convenient way to quickly determine the rental value of any property in the United Kingdom!
Using ONS.GOV data, we’ll generate an amazingly accurate rental price for your UK home in a matter of seconds.

When it comes to determining a reference rental price for your home, our rental valuation calculator may be quite useful. 

However, to verify that the pricing is accurate, we always recommend having a face-to-face appraisal.

Our rental valuation tool collects a lot of data when assessing your property based on the information you supply, but an in-home appraisal, which you can easily arrange with one of our local lettings specialists, may also be extremely useful to solidify your value estimate.


If you are happy with the quote you have received today, why not book a virtual tour of property and see how we can help you on your way to guaranteed rent for years to come


Rent prices in England

Private rental market summary statistics in England: April 2020 to March 2021

These statistics are based on a sample of 448,060 private rental data in the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) lettings information database, collected by Rent Officers from landlords and letting agents. Data were extracted for the 12 months to the end of March 2021.

Only cases with sufficient evidence of a transaction taking place were included in the sample. A small proportion of data that was unconfirmed or had limited evidence was not included.

Key Finding from the report

Median monthly rental prices for the private rental market in England, calculated using data from the Valuation Office Agency.

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