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Tenant Referencing​


A tenant reference check helps you to avoid these problems. It’s a process of screening and background checks which includes important details you need to be​ assured you have the right tenants.

With a full look at their financial status, credit score, and risk assessment, we’ve made it simple to acquire an in-depth overview of prospective tenants and their guarantors.

Referencing assists you in ensuring that each applicant is a good fit for your property. You only need their name, email address, and phone number to get started.


This may take 3-5 days to working days to complete.

Below is a breakdown of what is included in this check

  • Credit Examination
    • Credit score acquired from a number of credit bureaus (including Experian) – This is a statistical indicator of the applicant’s chances of making timely payments.
  • Addresses, identities, and fraud data.
    • Searches for associated addresses, identities, and fraud information
  • CCJs, Decrees, and other court documents.
    • Check CCJs, Decrees, and other court records under the applicant’s name over the last six years.
  • Right to rent Advice
    • We will assist with advising on the applicant’s right to rent as well as collecting document scans. The landlord must next double-check the facts in person, as required by law.
  • Previous Landlord References
    • If the tenant has a current or prior landlord, we will acquire information from them and seek details to validate the length of the tenancy, the monthly payment, and that the tenants paid on time, took care of the property, and left on good terms.
  • Affordability Rating
    • We will determine if the renters can afford the rent (or their share of the rent) on your property based on their work and earnings.
  • Check Wages and Income
    • If the tenant is employed, we will call their company and get information about their job using independent contact information. This includes their pay, job title, and length of service. We will utilise accountant details or bank records to establish eligibility and send this summary to the landlord if the tenant or guarantor is self-employed.


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