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2 of 5 bed town house, Oldbury

30% return on investment A completely leased (freehold) residential building in Oldbury

11% p.a. tenanted rental income. Paid quarterly for 5 years

11% p.a ROI Example

Amount Invested  £25,000.00

Payment Every Month  £543.56

Total of 60 Repayments  £32,613.63

Interest Earned  £7,613.63

Total Return on Investment  £32,613.63

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Features and description

  • Already profitable
  • Large garden
  • Investment opportunity that generates income
  • Rentals sponsored by the government
  • Guaranteed rentals for the long run
  • General upkeep / No holes in the schedule
  • Providers who have been approved for housing
  • There are no outstanding debts to deal with.

About the property

Kunda Group is glad to offer a large terraced house in Oldbury, West Midlands. In December 2021, the home had a complete renovation to give 5 big, light and airy double bedrooms with a full co-living standard. Open plan kitchen with breakfast bar and all equipment (cooker, extractor, washing machine and sink and cutlery) open to the back access to the yard via an entrance hallway. Additionally, there is a toilet below.

Located on the first level is a spacious master and a single bedroom complete with a king-sized bed, dresser, nightstand, and Smart TV with Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The second floor is comprised of 2 double bedrooms and 1 single which are also fitted with a bed, dresser, nightstand, and Smart TV with Netflix and Amazon Prime.


The property is leased for a period of five years via our co-living association, which provides much-needed housing for working professionals and students in the surrounding region. As seen in the figure above, each investor will get a monthly rental payment in exchange for their original investment amount.


We have been informed that the property is not available for purchase. However if it does become available in the future it will be through our syndicated investment structure, which provides qualified prospective investors with the opportunity to gain 5 times their normal purchasing power and benefit from strong returns while limiting their initial capital outlay. Please contact a member of our investment sales team if you need any further information on this structure.

Charges & Reservations

It is recommended that prospective parties undertake their own due diligence. Due to the nature of these income-generating readymade investment properties, purchasers may be asked to pay a Buyer’s Fee in order to ensure property exclusivity.

Please note that this property investment opportunity is only available to qualified investors, and all investors’ eligibility must be verified prior to proposing any investment to potential investors.

How Rental Income Investments work

Rental income investments are funds that acquire real estate and lease it to tenants. Kunda House acquires homes around England’s west midlands and converts them into co-living spaces for working people and students.

They are then promoted on various property platforms worldwide in order to attract both foreign and local occupants. Three months after all tenants have moved in, paid a deposit, and three months rent, the property is added to the Kunda House investment platform.

Each co-living space’s rent is delivered straight to the investor, less our management charge, and is paid quarterly for a five-year period (60 months). Investors who have been vetted may visit the property prior to and throughout the investment term.


Investors may opt out of their plan at any time. The balance will be determined on the basis of the initial investment, not the future returns.

A 10% early termination charge will be taken from the payment amount.


£35,000 has been invested

18 months have elapsed, which translates into 18 instalments of £760.98, for a total payoff of £13,697.64.

£35,000 – £13,697.64 = £21,302.36

The payout balance will be £21,302.36 – £3,500 (10% of original investment), which equals £17,802.36


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