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Online Marketing for Tradesmen. How Trade Professionals Market Their Services

How To Grow Your Brand As a Tradesperson

When customers need to find a plumber, electrician, or builder, more than likely, the first place they’ll look is online. As a trade professional, will your business be the one they find?

Let’s look at online marketing for tradesmen and what you need to do to get it right.

Now, it isn’t easy to constantly be wondering where your next job will come from in our current economic climate. With so much uncertainty in the market, you want to be able to generate consistent jobs and predictable revenues.

So, generating consistent business comes down to how well you market yourself and your services and where you show up.

Here are a few quick tips to help you improve your online marketing and increase revenues.

3 Tips for Online Marketing for Tradesmen

1.     Advertise where your clients are

An online presence is a necessity in today’s marketplace. It’s an excellent way to reach customers you likely wouldn’t be able to on a regular basis. When done right, you can give your business that necessary boost to drive earnings.

Mailbox stuffing with flyers doesn’t work as well anymore. Because as we’ve established, the first place a lot of persons look for a reputable tradesperson is online.

So, you need to ensure that not only do you have an online presence, but that you market that presence where potential clients are likely to find you.

2.     Give them the details they need to make a decision

In advertising to potential clients online, make sure the following critical information is always present and consistent across all platforms:

  • Location and service areas
  • Contact details
  • Services you offer
  • Licenses, qualifications, and insurance
  • An explanation as to why persons should choose you and not someone else
  • Reviews, if you have them

3.     Choose your online presence well

Strategic marketing doesn’t require you to have a huge marketing budget. All you need to do is identify the right places to show up and how to optimise your presence when you do.

Yes, there are sites like MyBuilder, Checkatrade, and Rated People that are specialist websites for advertising trade professionals. On those platforms, you are also competing with thousands of other listings. Plus, unless your potential customers are aware of these sites, they may not find you. And of course, they come at a cost for each lead generated.

 So, you need to choose your presence well. If you’re operating on a tight or non-existent marketing budget, free and useful sites come in handy.

  • Social media

Social media is always a good option to start. For example, you can create a business Facebook page that can highlight your services, contact details, and service areas.

  • Professional services website

If you have the budget, a professional website is also a good investment.

  • Online directories

In terms of online directory listings, there are the professional trade sites mentioned before.

Or you can select sites that already have your target audience as their primary readers and subscribers.

For example, at Kunda, we specialise in matching landlords with renters throughout the country. Here, you’ll be advertising to homeowners or renters who need the type of services you offer for the maintenance and upkeep of their properties.

Marketing your services as a trade professional on Kunda

If you want to get strategic about marketing your plumbing, building, and electrical services, then sign up to Kunda. Because we are focused on the rental market, you have access to persons who are not only looking for property to rent but those who need to maintain their properties for their renters.

Plus, you’ll access a free listing and customisable profile page that is optimised for search engines.

This makes it easier for you to target the residential market when you’re already in a space that your target customers use.

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