Or Homeowner

If you decide to place some trust in us, here are some benefits that you are ensured to obtain.

Owning property comes with big dreams and expectations along with great commitments on maintaining them in the highest-standard and the worry of finding good tenants to hand your property over on top of everything else that you have to do with your own personal life. Here is where we come in

Your rent is guaranteed for up to 5 years

You don’t ever have to worry about going around collecting rent from your tenants because we become your tenant. We make sure that all you rent is received in a timely manner with hassle-free transactions.

We take care of the property.

No matter what condition you hand over the property to us, we make sure that they are turned into comfortable living spaces to attract more tenants while increasing the value of your property. We modernise your property to suit the needs of the new-age home seekers so that your house never goes unnoticed!

Increase the value of your property.

A well-maintained property attracts many tenants and a property that has a high demand will automatically gain an increase in their purchase price. With Let Buy Landry offering to maintain your property at highest possible standards, it is with no doubt that your property will increase in its purchase value.

Customer Support during any hour of the day

Our team beyond regular shifts to facilitate a smooth running platform for all our customers. Whatever your concern might be, you can contact us at any time of the day and we assure that you will be assisted accordingly to the best of our abilities. We work until we find solutions for the slightest of problems that may arise along the way.


Reliable tenants


When it comes to handing over your property to someone you’ve never met, it can be a daunting experience sometimes because you are not sure if they will take good care of your property! Understanding this, we assure that all our customers are reliable and trustworthy because we verify them from the very beginning in order to facilitate landlords with secure tenants

We bear all costs incurred for maintenance and repair!

It is your property, we know, but we take charge in improving the living spaces in order to attract the right tenants so we bear costs in developing your property and if tenants go through any maintenance requirement, we cover that as well. Worry-free much right?

Stay connected with us 24/7 from the comfort of your armchair. Our customer success team are available anytime of the day depending to assist with any queries. It is as easy as a tap tap on your phone!

Sign-Up, here’s how

Create a profile, provide your identity and ownership of property along with the right to advertise, start listing your properties for your potential customers to see! It's that simple!
Apart from all that we have mentioned, if you have any concerns regarding anything, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are awaiting to hear from you!

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