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Kunda House

The Platform

What is Kunda House?

Kunda borrowed from the Kirundi language, spoken by the Burundian people means love. So. The translation being Love.House or as we like to say Love.Home.

Our Mission

Our purpose is simple, to provide a free to use platform which makes the searching for tenants and renting a safe, secure and hassle-free process. We have aimed to handle listing requirements such as electricity and gas certificates and insurance for landlords before the house goes up in the market for rental purposes. As well as connect those searching for the dream house with compatible landlords.

Do I have to use all your services?

No, our platform is free and open for you to choose which ever service you wish to opt and pay for.

Does Kunda House offer inventory services?

Yes, we do! You can either download our free inventory template from our website. If you wish to save costs, you can opt for this option. Or you can opt for our professional inventory list-making services. We are in touch with inventory clerks who do an immaculate and expert job.

How to set up an offer?

If you have found your liking rental property, it is time to set up an offer. We can extend your offer to the landlord on your behalf or simply send the them a message through the platform/app its totally up to you.

When the season is ripe for moving and renting houses, a landlord will be offered multiple offers. Make sure your offer stands out. Put forward the best price you can pay for the listing. Make sure you mention a recent date for moving in. This will improve your chances of getting the deal. If you wish to acquire the rental property for an extended period, this makes your offer an ideal one for the landlords. Be honest and upfront with your payments.

How do I improve the search results for my listing?

Make sure that your location is correct before you enter it as a listing on the website. On search portals, once a location is added, multiple options pop up. To ensure yours comes up too, confirm your exact location.

What if I have already found tenants? Can I still ustalise the Kunda House platform,?

Of course, you can! You can set up your listing on the website and ask your tenants to place a holding deposit. You can set up your tenancy through our websites, such as referencing, holding deposit services and more.

Does Kunda House handle rent collection?

Yes, we do. We offers landlords rent collection services. We provide tenants with a bank account where they deposit their rent. As soon as they have deposited the rent, landlords are notified and are paid automatically. You will additionally be sent a notification email. In case your tenant is late on rent we will add late fees on your behalf, you will be sent a notification. If your tenant refuses to pay rent, Kunda can also refer you to professional legal advice services.

Is there a booking fee?

When you rent through Kunda, you are not paying any hidden fees or additional charges. You will only be paying the rental fee.

Is Kunda House an estate agency?

No, we are not estate agents. Instead, we are the place you can come to when you are choosing a place to rent. We have professionals that set up the tenancy for you and handle other services.

What is the complaint procedure?

In the ill-fated event of you needing to make a complaint, send a message to customer service team who will guid you on the necessary steps. We walk your through the step by step process to detail your complaint. Include a summary of your complaint. If your complaint remains unresolved, you can begin the redress scheme process. Please avoid any personal or harsh remarks. Make sure the complaint is as concise as possible.


I need to rent a place. What should I do first?

Set a budget before you start looking up places. Take into account the money you can spend on rent
each month. Remember that tenants have to pay security fees, first month’s rent and the holdable
deposit upfront.

How do I find a place to rent?

Take the time to consider what exactly you are looking for in a home. With the majority of the listings online, you must keep three things in mind if you are on the house hunt: the location, the size of the
place, and the price range. Next, ask yourself how far you are ready to travel for work, meeting friends/family. Do you want to live in an area where getting transport to places will not be an issue? Do you want to stay in the next rental property for a long time?

Once you have asked yourself these paramount questions, create an account and make sure your notifications are on. You will be notified if your desired property is up for rent on the market.

Should I rent through an agent?

With few or no reviews on landlords available online, tenants often opt for a rental property based on the characteristics rather than the landlord. To find a landlord who you can be assured will provide you with a peaceful and vigilant experience is difficult. Having an agent on board confirms that they are aware of your preferences and the landlords. An agent will be your middle man often if they also manage the property. However on Kunda House Landlords will also be reviewed and held to the same standards as agents.

Is a holding deposit necessary?

Once you place a holding deposit, you guarantee the landlord that you are serious about this rental property. Holding a deposit is not a fee or a charge but a deposit.

What happens to the holding deposit?

In case the landlord is not satisfied with the referencing or the tenants, they can hand the tenants their holding deposit back. If the tenants are not content with the rental property, the landlord will lay claim to the holding deposit for covering the cost of the place being off the market.

What should you keep in mind when you go for a viewing?

If the rental property is occupied at the time you go for a visit, make sure you ask what is included in the tenancy and what is not. You might as well ask the current tenants how their experience was. Ask about apparent repairs that need to be done. Make sure you inquire what is behind locked doors.

What to look out for before applying for a tenancy?

Are there any restrictions regarding housing pets, smoking or children? These will be detailed in the listing if they are not, make sure you drop a query for them. If you require medical assistance or have special needs make sure you inform the landlord of said requirements.

Are references necessary?

The landlords require references as a guarantee that the tenants will not cause trouble, pay the rent on time and in full amount, and take exceptional care of their property.

How should I, as a tenant, prepare for referencing?

Sometimes the agent handles the referencing process, and other times, a third company is handed over the responsibility of collecting and double-checking references. As the potential tenant, you will be required to give your consent to your information being shared. The referencing process cannot begin until you give your consent. You will be required to share personal information, credit score, and your previous landlord’s data. Your employer might be contacted as well to verify your employment and salary. Make sure you disclose any vital information beforehand, or else they might influence your referencing process negatively.

What are routine visits?

Your landlord or your agent will regularly visit the rental property to make sure it is being taken care of, is in good condition and whether or not it requires any repairs.

Who is responsible for repairs?

The landlord is required to keep the rental property in tip top condition.

They will either get the repairs done directly or will involve an agent. Before moving in, make sure you have viewed the property carefully. If you find any damages report immediately to your agent or your landlord.

However, if you inflict damage on the property, you will be expected to cover the repair costs.

What should you look out for on moving-in- day?

Make sure you are provided with an inventory list that includes:

● The elements already present in the house,
● Items you will check in to the rental property,
● Meter readings and the handing over of the keys.

Inventories can be in a document form or a video log form. An inventory can be taken by the agent, the landlord or a third party. This report is necessary to protect tenants and landlords at the end of the tenancy and record the original condition of the rental property before the beginning of the tenancy.

How can I extend my tenancy?

A tenancy contract has a terminating date. The agreement comes to an end when you vacate the property and hand it back to the owner. If you want to prolong your stay, you will have to renew your contract, or you can move to a rolling tenancy or a month-to-month. With the second option, you can terminate the contract when needed.

Can I break my lease?

A breach of lease is not permitted per law. The tenant will have to come to an agreement with the landlord and pay penalty fees. Before signing up
for a rental property contract, review your lease and make sure you ask your landlord other options.

Am I entitled to be aware of what occurred in the rental property?

It is the landlord’s responsibility to inform you of any events that have occurred in the property before you opt for the rental property. These are called disclosure laws. Some rental properties have a disclosure expiration date. Events occurring before the said date might not be disclosed to a prospective tenant.

What if I am incapable of paying my rent?

It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay for the rent. If you are unable to pay your rent, it is best if you inform the landlord/agent or the staff at Kunda House if we handling the tenancy, beforehand. Reschedule your payments as soon as possible. This can all be done via the website or app.

Who is responsible for the bills once the tenancy begins?

The tenants are responsible for electricity, gas, water and other bills once the tenancy contract is begun. Some agents/landlord sometimes include bills into the rental fee. This will be mentioned in the listing if this is the case.

However, building service charges, insurance and maintenance are covered by the landlord.

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