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UK House Prices Skyrocket to £256,900 with an 8.4% Surge, Yet Property Demand Starts to Wane

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The UK house price/market has witnessed remarkable growth, with the average home now costing £256,900. The UK property price hits record of an 8.4% increase in the past year—equivalent to £19,800. While this growth has been impressive, alarm bells are ringing as demand for property begins to show signs of cooling. In this blog post, we delve into the factors influencing this shift in the real estate landscape.


Resilient Property Prices

Despite financial pressures, Zoopla’s latest house price index reveals that property prices continue to rise. Notably, the average first-time buyer of property has surged by over £300,000. However, beneath the surface, there are indications of a changing tide in the market.


Weakening Demand

Analysts highlight that demand for new homes is starting to wane. This shift is attributed to rising mortgage rates and the increasing cost of living. As the Bank of England raises interest rates to combat inflation, first-time home buyers, who have been a driving force in the housing market, are expected to be the most affected.


Regional Variations

The cooling of demand is not uniform across the UK. In areas with higher property values, such as London, demand for homes is particularly weak and is expected to deteriorate further as mortgage rates climb. Conversely, regions like the South West and Wales are experiencing robust house price growth.


Challenges Ahead

As mortgage rates are set to rise further, it’s estimated that first-time buyers will need an additional £12,250 in annual income to afford a home. The impact of these rate hikes will be most strongly felt by those on lower incomes, homeowners looking to upgrade their homes, and buyers in the Southeast of England and London.


The Road Ahead

Experts predict that the housing market will start to cool from autumn into 2023, particularly as higher costs affect first-time buyers. While annual price rises remain impressive, there are discernible signs of weakness creeping into the market. When first-time buyers hesitate, it can have a ripple effect, causing the entire market to slow down, and making it challenging for existing homeowners to sell their properties.



The UK housing market is at a pivotal juncture, balancing rising prices with cooling demand. As the Bank of England’s interest rate campaign continues, prospective buyers may reconsider their plans. Stay tuned for updates on how these evolving dynamics shape the future of the UK housing market. Subscribe now to stay informed.

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