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8 of the Best Economical UK Property Podcasts

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1. The Progressive Property Podcast

By Kevin McDonnell

Even if you have little or no money to invest, the Progressive Property Podcast may help you achieve leveraged property success and financial independence. Progressive Property Podcast can save you time and hassle, as well as allow you to improve in your knowledge, abilities, and expertise in the property industry, whether you’re a buy-and-hold investor or a flipper or a multi-letter investor.

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Information from real-deal investors with some of the biggest UK portfolios, without any fluff or filler, without adverts. Success stories from the Progressive Property community and interviews with people who have made millions and billions of dollars can help you construct a portfolio that generates money faster. Invest for freedom, choice, and profit.

2. Property Mom’s Getting started in property

By Dolapo Oni

Keeping a house simple is the focus of the Property Mom podcast. How to begin investing in real estate, regardless of whether or not you have a down payment; a wealth of real-world, actionable advice on how to earn money in real estate (full time or side hustle). Real-world investors share their stories of how they balance family, work, and financial independence while investing in the property market in a basic and easy-to-understand manner.

3. The Property Geek Podcast

By Rob Dix

In every episode, Rob interviews a different expert in a different area of UK property investing, covering the difficulties that are unique to that sector and eliciting their best investment strategies. The episode discusses several methods of financing property investments, as well as key takeaways and recommendations on how to choose the most suitable kind of financing. If you don’t have enough funds to complete all of the transactions you wish to do, consider forming a joint venture and so much more.

4. This Week In Property Podcast

By Richard Swan

The finest property specialists in the United Kingdom engage in a frank conversation. Weekly property news and conversations with some of the country’s most successful property experts and business owners. Richard Swan and his guests will help you to expand your property investment company.

A significant number of property developers do business in the United Kingdom. All in various territories, each with a distinct set of features, and each with a different approach. The tremendous amount of interest in land and development in the property business is one of the topics covered.

Among the guests is Sam Murphy from Highfield Investments, who has been in the business for more than 20 years and has established a land, development, and investment agency that has completed over £1.5 billion in real estate deals.

5. The Property Podcast
By Rob Bence and Rob Dix from The Property Hub

Rob and Rob talk about the property market news and offer their expertise on various property subjects every week on their podcast.

The Property Podcast is the podcast for all property investors, whether they are new to the game or seasoned veterans. Every week, Rob Bence and Rob Dix explore different property related issues and real estate news items, giving their expertise and experience to the listeners in the process. They both invest in UK property, demonstrating that they are living examples of what they teach. There will be no high-pressure sales tactics or bull, just straightforward property investing advice!

We suggest you also check out their famous “Ask Rob & Rob” episodes, where they answer questions from fans.

The Property Podcast is downloaded over 180,000 times per month and has established itself as a regular fixture in the week of both aspiring and seasoned property investors over the past six years.

6. Honest Property Investment with Natasha Collins

By Natasha Collins

The property market should be one where everyone is open, honest, and ethical, and this is the place to be if you are looking to profit from your properties while also ensuring that you are providing safe and pleasant homes for your renters.

Investment ideas for commercial and mixed-use properties are discussed in this podcast. Commercial property investment and residential property investment are also discussed…..

Founder and host of the NC Real Estate Members Club, a gathering place for investors to network with like-minded people and learn how to upscale their property portfolios via best practices and a lot of assistance. This trailblazing network is transforming the face of the real estate sector for the sake of everybody involved.

As well as private property management services for a restricted number of customers, Natasha Collins also provides Property Investment consultation services for those who want to work one-on-one with an expert.

7. The Return: Property & Investment Podcast

By Anna Clare Harper

It has risen to become one of the most popular podcasts in the ‘property investing’ category on iTunes in the United Kingdom.

Among those who have visited recently are:

Tom Bloxham MBE,  Chairman and Founder of regeneration pioneer, Tom Bloxham & Associates. Splash of Color in the City Lucy Cook, Head of Residential Research for the United Kingdom at renowned consultancy Savills, and Gráinne Gilmore, Head of Research for the United Kingdom at leading property web Zoopla Paul Shamplina is the founder of Landlord Action and the star of television series such as ‘Nightmare Tenants.’

An insight-filled podcast that provides knowledge and ideas on investing in UK real estate to help investors identify investment possibilities, invest more confidently in a complicated market, and enjoy the process of investing.

8. The Official Property Entrepreneur Podcast

By Daniel Hill

Daniel Hill is the host of the Official Property Entrepreneur Podcast. The focus of this unscripted podcast is on providing insight and inspiration on all things business, life, and the reality of high performance in practice via interviews with notable guests.

The Property Entrepreneur Podcast was created to help others learn about Daniel’s unique perspective on real estate investing, as well as his extensive experience and unique and proven blueprint that has enabled him to build PPN into one of the UK’s leading property groups, win Entrepreneur of the Year in both age categories, and set a World Record through his charity, Get up Give Back. Both success and failure have a high degree of predictability.


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