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5 Tips to Sell Your Home in the UK

5 Tips to Sell Your Home in the UK

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, preparing your home for sale isn’t something that can be achieved over a weekend. There are a lot of things to consider and implement to make you successful complete the sale of your home.

Your home might need a few repairs on both the outside and inside, a new paint job, decluttering, and locating a good estate agent together with getting the required documentation prepared. Everything required to guarantee a successful sale takes a lot longer than people realise, with that said, here are five tips to help you sell your home:

Pick a Well-established Estate Agent

 This can be as easy as searching for SOLD boards in your local area. By doing this, you get to know the agents that have the highest success rate in the area. Seek valuations from at least 3-4 agencies, and endeavour to ask them to give you information about what market activities they use.

The best agents will make sure your home is seen by the right type of buyers; they will probably have a list of potential buyers registered.

Make Sure You are Sale-ready 

There are many homeowners who are ready to sell, this means they are also looking for a new home to buy. This can delay your sale, however, by being prepared to move and ready to purchase your next home can help speed up the selling process.

To make sure you are Sale-ready, you will have to do things such as, consulting with a mortgage adviser, try to have a solicitor chosen already, and ensuring all documentation is in order.

Set a Realistic Asking Price

 With the state of the world at the moment, listing your home for a high price might just chase all would-be buyers away. Buyers usually don’t have the time look at homes that will need negotiations, if your pricing is high and buyers are not making offers, your home rapidly becomes a stale listing.

The best thing to do before pricing your property is to check out the prices of similar houses in your area and set yours appropriately. It is common knowledge among good estate agents that if a house is priced at actual market value, a bidding war ensues, causing you to get offers that are close to, at, or in a few cases higher than the initial price.

Stay up to date with the latest Tech 

Potential buyers won’t even consider bidding if they are not interested in your property listing online. In recent times and most importantly because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the internet is predominantly the main driving force behind selling homes.

According to research, 44% of potential buyers start their home hunting online, and only 17% of them will ever contact an estate agent first. Always make sure the photos you use for your listing are mobile-friendly because most potential buyers are going to be using their phones when house hunting.

Utilise Social Media 

Social Media can’t be escaped these days, with over 2 billion people all over the world using Facebook. This makes it the best platform when it comes to marketing.

Using Kunda House to attract buyers is one of the most effective things to do. By sharing your listing on Facebook, you are automatically displaying your home to a wider audience. If it is shared by other people, it gets to an even bigger audience.

Selling your home during this period of uncertainty can be a difficult task. But with the above tips, that task can be a little bit less difficult and complicated.

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